Control system for a culm heating plant:

  • IP54 ventilated metal cabinet with internal heating, providing the best protection against weather conditions,
  • cabinet lighting and a built-in 230 V outlet for powering a computer,
  • control circuits based on 24 VDC voltage,
  • protection against incorrect power supply voltage, surge protection,
  • grid parameter analyser,
  • interaction with built-in motor protections,
  • Fatek or Siemens S7-1200 PLC and a 7″ touchscreen HMI operator panel for optimal control and operation of the cabinet,
  • registration of local or remote acknowledgement requiring failures and malfunctions in retentive memory,
  • implementation of event file in HMI for easy, in-depth analysis of the plant operation,
  • Ursalink GPRS modem communicating with the PLC via Ethernet, providing access to all of the plant parameters,
  • built-in UPs providing remote overview of the plant parameters in case of a power failure,
  • drive control modes: MANUAL, AUTO:
    • control mode: MANUAL enables drive control in emergency situations based on boiler locks, bypassing the PLC and HMI,
    • control mode: AUTO – control is realized by the PLC. Modification of control parameters is possible only locally via the HMI panel,
  • safe boiler stop based on a safety switch,
  • very cheap operation of a SIM card – approx. 5 zł/month,
  • TraceMode SCADA enables monitoring of the plant, modification of its parameters, remote viewing of the plant’s state via Internet browser or smartphone and remote switching,
  • 12-month warranty, which can be extended to 24 months,
  • we provide electrical diagrams of the cabinet and enable system implementation by investors or third-party companies (FOR A FEE).


  • details of the project’s scope depend on arrangements with the local Office of Technical Inspection(if such arrangements are necessary).

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