High voltage (input voltage equal to 3 kV, 6 kV or 10 kV), high power inverter – from 400 kVA up to 15 MVA. Device has a compact structure, high power factor and high resistance to harmonic disturbances. It consists of bypass, transformer, power and control cabinets. Thanks to innovative technology of speed tracking, this inverter is meant for operation with high-inertia loads, allowing for quick starting and stopping of the connected motor. Usage of IGBT transistors with bypass function guarantees stablity of the control system. The inverter has a built-in HMI panel HMI.


Because of an innovative approach to vector control, the DZB20HV allows the realization of a control system that is highly resistance to negative effects of motor parameter instability. The device has a secondary power source connection and allows for automatic switching between primary and secondary power sources in the event of momentary loss of input power. In case of a power loss from both power sources, the energy contained in the feedback path of the control system can be used to maintain inverter operation for a short time.

The electronic part of the inverter is based on advanced DSP and FPGA units. The inverter communicates with external devices via RS485 and Ethernet. MODBUS RTU is the standard communication protocol used, with optional support of PROFIBUS DP. There is also a possibility of extending the inverter with additional communication terminals.