For Folinn inverters we are giving a 30-month warranty, with optional prolongation to 36 months. It is the longest inverter warranty on the market.

The reason for the above comes from following facts:

  1. Folinn inverters are built with use of components coming from reputable companies from around the world, such as:
    • DSP CPUs: Texas Instruments, Avago Technologies, Sharp, Toshiba
    • IGBT transistors: Infineon, Fuji Electric,
    • capacitors: Nichicon, EPCOS, Jianghai, Yipin,
    • diode bridges: Semikron, SanRex, Microsemi, Siling,
    • sensors: Tamura, LEM,
    • fans: ADDA, SONON, NIDEC,
  2. Each device undergoes more than 10 diagnostic and quality tests,
  3. All printed circuits are lacquered, which significantly reduces the influence of external conditions,
  4. Folinn company owns 16 patents, three reserved software solutions and seven different trademarks,
  5. Production process is ISO 9001:2000 compliant.