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dostawa i montaż automatyki przemysłowejBD600 series is latest version for high performance vector inverter based on BD330. Multiple control modes and new vector control algorithm can achieve better stability at low speed and higher load capacity at low frequency. The inverter supports SVC, VC and U/f control, and allows the use of multiple PG cards.

NEW: now also in IP54 casing!

  • operation modes:
    1. U/f
    2. SVC – sensorless vector control
    3. VC – vector control with a PG card (encoder, resolver)
  • control of rotational speed or torque
  • static and dynamic motor parameter autotuning
  • max. frequency 3000 Hz
  • built in braking module for powers up to 22kW
  • power switching starting at 0.75 kW/400 V, for fans and pumps inverter power can be an order of magnitude lower
  • unmountable potentiometer panel, easy to install on control cabinet door
  • high overload capacity: 150%, 60 seconds
  • high starting torque: 180%, at 0.0 Hz
  • 10 ways to input reference frequency
  • 16 levels of reference frequency
  • automatic voltage regulation
  • current and voltage limiting
  • built in PLC and PID controllers
  • ?Wobble? function
  • ?Trip-free? function, used in momentary power failure scenarios
  • up to 22kW power inverters can be installed without spacing
  • user-friendly programming, parameter values can be protected with a password
  • 6 digital inputs
  • 3 analog inputs (including -10 V ~ +10 V, 2x universal)
  • 2 relay outputs
  • 1 transistor output
  • 2 universal analog outputs
  • 4 additional digital inputs and 1 transistor output (available as an expansion card)
  • positive/negative control with digital inputs
  • impulse digital I/O – max. frequency 100kHz
  • 38 safety parameters for inverter and connected devices protection
  • IGBT technology, output phase short-circuit protection, ground short-circuit protection, non-full-phase protection for input and output
  • lacquered printed circuits
  • conformation with LVD 2006/95/EC and ECD 2004/108/EC directives
  • production process conforms with ISO 9001:2008
Technical parameters
InputInput voltage range1AC 220V±15%, 3AC 220V±15%, 3AC 380V±15%, 3AC 660V±10%, 3AC 1140V±15%
Input frequency range47~63Hz
Power factor≥95%
Control performanceControl modeU/f control, non-PG vector control(SVC), PG vector control(FVC)
U/f controlLinear, multiple point, square U/f curve, U/f separation
Operation command modeKeypad, terminals, serial communication
Reference frequency sourceDigital, analog, frequency, serial communication, multi-step speed, simple PLC and PID; combination of multi-modes and other modes
Overload capacityType G: 150% nominal current for 60s, 180% for 3s
Type P: 120% nominal current for 60s, 150% for 3s
Start torqueType G: 0.5Hz/150%(SVC), 0Hz/180%(FVC)
Type P: 0.5Hz/100%
Speed adjusting range1:100(SVC), 1:1000(FVC)
Speed control accuracy±0.5%(SVC), ±0.02%(FVC)
Carrier frequency0.5~16kHz; automatic frequency regulation based on load
Frequency resolutionDigital setting: 0.01Hz; analog setting: 0.025% of max. frequency
Torque boostAutomatic; manual in 0.1~30% range
Acceleration and deceleration modeLinear, S-curve, acceleration and deceleration times between 0~6500s
DC brakeBraking at start and stop
Jogging controlFrequency range 0.0Hz~50Hz, acceleration/deceleration time 0~6500s
Simple PLC and multi-step speed operationBuilt in PLC controller, multi-speed mode with up to 16 different speeds
Built-in PIDBuilt in PID controller for closed loop regulation
Automatic voltage regulation(AVR)Automatic maintenance of constant output voltage with fluctuating supply voltage
Common DC busDC bus can be shared by multiple inverters
TerminalsInput terminals6 programmable digital inputs, possible extension by additional 4, one of with supports high speed pulse signals
1 dedicated analog input -10~10VDC
2 analog inputs, voltage 0~10VDC or current 0~20mA
Output terminals1 open collector output, possible extension by 1 high speed impulse output
2 relay outputs
2 analog outputs: voltage 0~10VDC or current 0~20mA
HMILED displayReference frequency display, output frequency display, output voltage/current display etc.
Environment and protectionProtection classIP20
Humidity and temperature≤90%RH (non-condensing), -10°C~+40°C, loss of operation quality above 40°C
VibrationUnder 20Hz 9,8m/s(1G), over 20Hz 5.88m/s(0.6G)
Store environment≤1000M, -20°C~+60°C, no corrosive gasses or liquids
Cooling modeForced air(fan)