telemetria i sterowanie
automatyka przemysłowa
dystrybucją urządzeń automatyki przemysłowej
integracja systemów automatyki przemysłowej
realizacja projektów automatyki przemysłowej
dostawa i montaż automatyki przemysłowejThe H1 inverters were developed with industry requirements in mind. The H1 is a series of compact, high-efficiency inverters for a wide variety of applications. Thanks to removable control terminals, ability ot use an external panel and side-by-side installation, the H1 series is easy to install and maintain. The inverter can realize U/f or SVC control and have a built-in PID regulator.

  • operation modes:
    1. U/f
    2. SVC
  • compatible with asynchronous, synchronous and single-phase motors
  • maximum frequency of 1000 Hz
  • improved heat dissipation allowing side-by-side installation
  • low-power units can be mounted on a TS35 rail
  • short-circuit protection, phase loss protection, overload protection
  • STO safety input
  • compatible with Modbus RTU
  • built-in PID regulator
  • automatic voltage and current limiting
  • 10 binary inputs – NPN or PNP
  • 2 analog inputs – current or voltage
  • 3 relay outputs
  • 2 analog outputs – current or voltage
  • 1 three-wire STO safety input
Technical parameters
 Technical parametersDescription
Power inputInput voltage rangethree-phase 380-440V, 50/60Hz
single-phase 200-240V, 50/60Hz
OutputOutput voltage range0V to rated voltage input
Frequency range0-1000Hz
Overload capacity150% rated current for 60s,
180% rated current for 2s
Control parametersControl modesU/f,
Compatible motorsasynchronous,
Starting torque0,5Hz/150% rated torque
Speed range1:100
Frequency precision and resolution±0,01% max frequency for digital setting,
±1% max frequency for analog setting
Acceleration/decelleration curveline,
Current limitingautomatic during operation
Operation parametersStart signal sourcekeypad,
serial communication
Speed signal sourcedigital setting,
analog setting,
multistep operation,
serial communication
low voltage,
phase loss,
short to ground,
output short-circuit
Serial communicationModbus RTU
Operator panelDisplayed valuesoutput frequency,
output current,
output voltage,
bus voltage,
two custom parameters,
current error
External keyboardsupported
Environmental parametersLocationindoors, protected from direct sunlight, free from dust, combustible or corrosive vapors and gasses
Altitudeloss of operation quality above 1000m altitude, circa 10% per 1000m
Ambient temperature-10°C to +40°C, loss of operation quality above +40°C
Relative humiditybetween 5% and 90% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature-40°C to +70°C
Vibration resistanceunder 5,9m/s (0,6g)