Folinn company, one of world’s largest inverter manufacturers, developed a new type of vector control inverter with an STO safety input.


  • Great price,
  • Hardware:
    • three-wire STO safety input,
    • compact size,
    • possibility to mount on a TS35 rail for low-power inverters,
    • side-by-side installation – with no air gaps between inverters,
    • possibility to connect an external operator panel,
    • removable control terminals,
  • Software:
    • compatibility with:
      • asynchronous motors,
      • synchronous motors,
      • single-phase motors,
    • macros,
    • virtual variables,
    • modbus RTU,
  • In development:
    • compatibility with other communication protocols,
    • compatibility with encoders and resolvers.

More detailed informations can be found here: H1 vector inverters