Pressure boosting station (PBS) control scheme:

The control algorithm, implemented on the PLC, is regulating the output pressure. The program is monitoring input and output pressure measurements, and according to current needs is turning individual pumps on or off in a way ensuring their equal usage over time.


  • Operation modes:
    • MANUAL: the PBS is operating – without the PLC –  via Simex display relay output,
    • AUTO: the PBS operation is controlled by the PLC,
    • AUTO+REMOTE: when the system is equipped with a GPRS router the PBS operation monitoring and system parameter modification may be performed remotely, with SMS notifications being sent in response to any system state changes,
  • System configurations:
    • a PR200 PLC – personnel has access to system parameters via the simple, built-in LCD text display,
    • a PR200/PR102 PLC and a Rievtech HMI panel,
    • a PR200/PR102, a Rievtech HMI panel and an Ursalink GPRS router,
  • The PLC may control the PBS operation:
    • using one frequency inverter to drive four pumps (as shown on photos below),
    • in any other hardware configuration of the PBS.

We offer:

  • PLC – 270€ netto (no program),
  • Rievtech HMI panel – 180€ netto (no program),
  • Ursalink GPRS router – 266USD netto,
  • PLC + HMI set together with pre-downloaded programs,
  • SCADA TraceMode application for monitoring and supervision,
  • wiring diagrams,
  • assistance with system start-up,
  • realization of a complete control cabinet with installation.