TEST company’s presence in the market of process and industrial automation dates back to 1992. Its name comes from words TElemetria (telemetry) and STerowanie (control), which are two main activities of the company. We deal with device distribution for industrial automation and system integration. Because of that we are able to offer complete solutions – from design phase, through device choice and delivery, all the way to hardware installation and software implementation.

We are an authorized partner of:

AdAstrA – Russia – manufacturer of advanced SCADA/HMI system – TRACE MODE.

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– Germany – producer of control system devices, such as:

  • digital displays,
  • programmable relays,
  • I/O modules,
  • temperature and humidity transmitters.

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Folinn – China – producer of inverters and servo-drives.


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– China – HMI panels producer.

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We provide following services:

  • designing automatic control systems based on PLC of various producers,
  • designing and installing control cabinets,
  • designing measurement and control system apparatus installations,
  • programming PLCs and HMI panels,
  • developing SCADA applications,
  • modernization, repair and diagnostics of existing control systems,
  • choosing and installing inverter drives and softstarters – we installed over 2500 inverters of different producers,
  • staff training for control system operation.