TRACE MODE – reliable, intuitive and flexible software for process visualization.

TRACE MODE advantages over competition:

    • most advanced SCADA/HMI system available on the market,
    • low price, runtime available for as little as 169 USD!
    • free version of SCADA TRACE MODE IDE,
    • intuitive interface, significantly reducing project design time,
    • built-in, free communication drivers for over 2400 external devices,
    • small runtime installation file – 100 MB,
    • about 50 000 installed applications in over 40 countries, in such branches of industry like nuclear power, petroleum industry, steel smelting etc.,
    • standard built in redundancy,
    • ability to develop software for PLCs,

  • advanced TCP/IP communication and full support of OPC,
  • SQL database support,
  • built-in industrial database, saving up to 640 000 values per second,
  • autobuilding technology noticeably accelerating development process,
  • OpenGL-based vector graphics,
  • access to visualization via Internet browser.

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