The overall functionality of TRACE MODE® has already overgrown the traditional HMI/SCADA software, and nevertheless, HMI is still the most demanded part of the TRACE MODE. In addition to the standard HMI functionality, TRACE MODE® 6 has a number of features, which distinguish it from the ordinary HMI/SCADA software.

First of all, TRACE MODE has an integrated development environment (IDE), combining in itself more than 10 different editors. The IDE has a free version. The HMI features of TRACE MODE 6 SCADA software are so deeply merged with SOFTLOGIC controllers’ programming tool and with economical modules of T-FACTORY (MES-EAM-HRM), that one can hardly distinguish them.

The unique autobuilding technology saves engineering time and eliminates errors in the SCADA projects. The autobuilding allows in one click of mouse to connect HMI to I/O, to set up the project database automatically according to the known configuration of controller, to create network links between the nodes (PCs or PLCs) of a distributed control system and so on. The TRACE MODE SCADA software has a free library of ready to use drivers for more than 2571 controllers and I/O devices.

The concept of unitary project for distributed automated control system allows to implement direct linking between the components of different nodes. For example, it is possible to display a variable from one HMI/SCADA node on the screen of another, without creating any additional channels for communication between them.

For control algorithm programming the TRACE MODE 6 HMI/SCADA software offers all the 5 languages of international standard IEC 6-1131/3. Among them there are visual languages – Techno FBD, Techno LD, Techno SFC and procedure script languages – Techno ST, Techno IL. Such a wide range of programming tools allows control professionals to select the programming technique they are used to. All programming languages are provided with powerful debuggers and online diagnostics tools.

The TRACE MODE 6 HMI database supports almost all data formats. In addition to familiar formats for discrete signals and floating point values, this version of HMI supports rows, double float, hex32 values, as well as time marks (as stand alone channels).

Excellent 3D graphics of the TRACE MODE 6 HMI/SCADA software would certainly attract attention of professionals. At the same time, HMI graphical editor is handy and quite easy. The TRACE MODE 6 HMI/SCADA software is not only aesthetically beautiful, but is also fully functional: any graphical element in the real time can change its properties, dimensions and position on the screen, depending upon the real time parameters, as well as to be a button.

The photorealistic screen graphics is based on OpenGL. Thus it has a number of new features. For 3D elements, it is possible to specify the following:

  • opacity;
  • position of the light source;
  • shape and colour;
  • transparency;
  • applied textures;
  • diffuse and specular reflection;
  • arbitrary shift angle (e.g. in real time);
  • different tube and cylinder cuts.

The choice of colors is unlimited. The RGB and HSV palettes are supported.

For convenience in editing of complex mimic diagrams, the TRACE MODE 6 HMI/SCADA editor supports layers, with visibility controlled in real time. That make it possible to represent on a single HMI screen different technological subsystems, e.g. electrical and water supply networks, fire safety devices, air conditioning and make them visible at the operator will.

Support of external graphical formats has been enhanced significantly, animation and raster drawings can be subjected to arbitrary transformation (turn, extension), and moreover, not only in the editor, but also dynamically. The transparency of background is also supported. The original technology of 3D Fast+ provides fast display of HMI screens in real time.

Various trends are available in the TRACE MODE 6 HMI/SCADA software:

  • historical trends;
  • real time trends;
  • analogue trends;
  • discrete trends;
  • profiles based on the specified points.

Wygodny system nawigacji umożliwia:

  • przeglądanie przebiegu procesu dla dowolnej chwili czasu,
  • przybliżanie/oddalanie zaznaczonego obszaru,
  • dodawanie nowych przebiegów w czasie rzeczywistym.

Depth of a trend is only limited by the log acquired for the given parameter in the built-in industrial DBMS SIAD/SQL™ 6. Convenient navigator system allows to:

  • view the process trend for any time span;
  • zoom in/out the highlighted sector;
  • add new pens in real time.

On the trend with a common time scroll bar, an infinite quantity of discrete and analogue parameters of control system can be displayed. For each parameter, the line color and style can be specified. Intervals of uncertainty for parameters, which occurs, for example, in case of loss of communication between the HMI and the PLC, can be highlighted by special color and style. The exact value of the monitored parameter on the trend at a specified moment can be obtained with cursor. Every trend can be set up individually at user convenience.

In TRACE MODE 6 HMI/SCADA software supports pop-up windows. Many pop-up windows may be opened simultaneously. All standard windows features are available. They can be moved, brought to front, interlaced, they also can change dimensions, be closed by clicking on the well known cross in the right upper angle and so on. The main HMI window is independent from the pop-ups. Even the update cycle may be different for these windows.

TRACE MODE HMI has its own report generator, that provides fast, clear and fully featured HTML report generation in real time. The report generator is built in some runtimes (DocRTM+), or is available as a stand alone application (Documentation Server). The report templates can be made in the IDE Template Editor. The Template editor is a WYSIWYG tool that has a number of report illustration facilities and is deeply integrated with the TRACE MODE programming tools.

In the sixth version of TRACE MODE HMI/SCADA software, the technologies of hot redundancy have been enhanced. Now, in the SCADA project, one can automatically create not only dual redundant (Double Force), but also triple redundant (Tri Force) HMI nodes.

The TRACE MODE 6 HMI/SCADA software possesses of its own high performance industrial real time DBMS SIAD/SQL™ 6 optimized for fast saving of data. The data are not only saved quickly to the SIAD/SQL™ 6 , but also are subject to statistical processing in real time mode, and can also be displayed on the HMI screens and be used in programs with real time data for statistical process control (SPC).

A special attention has been given in TRACE MODE 6 HMI/SCADA software to integration with databases and other applications. Therefore, support for the most popular program interfaces: ODBC, OPC, ActiveX, DDE has been built-in into this HMI. For easy interaction with external databases, the TRACE MODE SCADA software integrated development environment includes a built-in editor of SQL-queries.

AdAstrA Research Group, Ltd company cares much about the SCADA software quality. The  TRACE MODE development and technical support process is ISO 9001:2000 certified by TUV Cert (Germany).